Welcome to Zenzero and Cannella Bed & Breakfast site ..staying with us you will find a friendly, welcome atmosphere to make you feel at home. You can spend a vacation, enjoyiing the beautiful Sea and Beaches you find at the very center of Pescara, or, indeed combine your business trip with a moment of relaxation. To those of you who have chosen us, we wish you a very pleasant stay.

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Welcome, B&B Zenzero e Cannella website adhered to the Project Zero Impact Web.

Even if Internet has already done much to reduce CO2 emissions, it pollutes too. According to a Greenpeace report, keeping on growing at today’s growth rate, in 2020 data centres and telecommunication networks will consume about 2,000 electricity billion kWh, more than three times their present consumption. That's why the website www.bbzenzeroecannella.it has decided to adhere to Zero Impact Web Project and to do its part in combating global warming. Emissions resulting from your visits will be balanced out by creating and protecting growing forests. Is a small action, but if it’s done by lots of people it helps to create awareness and the environment will have a benefit. And more importantly it allows you to browse through these pages in full tranquillity! Join this initiative; together we can make the difference!

Emissions generated by this website are compensated by creating and protecting growing forests in Costa Rica.
Bed and Breakfast Zenzero e Cannella Regione Abruzzo - Pescara

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